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Safari Blue Experience

 Important Things To Remember.

  1. Departure for Kwale Island 09:00 in the morning.
  2. Sunblock, Sunglasses, and Sunhat.
  3. Beach Towel.
  4. Flip Flops or waterproof shoes.
  5. Camera or Mobile Phone for Photos.
  6. Lunch included.
  7. Arrival time back at your resort will be approximately 18:00.
  8. All of our excursions are subject to our clients taking out Travel Insurance.

 This is Zanzibar`s most talked about sea adventure. Young and old will enjoy this full day Zanzibar adventure. You will be able to experience many of the fine things that make this Island so beautiful and unique. Adding to this experience would be the Safari Blue staff, they are passionate about their island and they absolutely love receiving guests for their excursion and ensure that you are clients are well looked after, are safe and have a memorable experience.

If you have limited time in Zanzibar and you wish to experience and see as much as possible, the Safari Blue experience would be a perfect choice.

Early Morning Departure.

You will be collected at your resort at 9 o clock in the morning by our very efficient and able ground transportation company Travel Savings Tours. You will depart for Fumba – situated on the South side of Zanzibar. Once there you will be able to buy a sunhat at the friendly portable gift shop right on the beach.

Remember that guests will be arriving from all over Zanzibar on the day you arrive. All of them will be picked up at their respective resorts and it’s for this reason that your trip might not start immediately once you arrive.  However, waiting time isn’t something you encounter on this excursion.

And so your day begins.

Before you board the local dhows you will have to choose your snorkel gear. The Safari Blue team provides flippers and snorkel equipment of all sizes that are hygienic and bacteria free. After this is done your magical Zanzibar day begins.

You will be taken to the mangrove forest where a beautiful lagoon awaits. Depending on the tide you will be permitted to snorkel here. From there you will depart for some open waters, if you are lucky you will be able to spot some dolphins right next to your boat.
Whilst sailing and enjoying the beautiful scenery the Safari Blue Team will treat you to delicious coconuts, pineapples, bottled water and soft drinks.

 A beautiful Sand Bank In The Middle of Nowhere.

After spending the morning snorkeling and exploring the coral plantations you will be taken to a pristine powdery white sandbank in the middle of the ocean. Here you will get some time to tan and swim.

Kwale Island.

After exploring the Sandbank you will board your boat and head for Kwale Island. Your own private retreat for the day. Arrival at Kwale Island will vary depending on the tides. If you arrive at low tide you will be dropped off about  500 to 800 meters from the beach. You will continue on foot whilst exploring the coral forests that now remain exposed awaiting the tides return. You will be able to collect the beautiful red starfish Zanzibar Island is so famous for. If you arrive at high tide you will be dropped off right in front of the beach.

Zanzibar Beach BBQ

Once on the beach, you will be greeted by warm and friendly Safari Blue staff in bright yellow t-shirts. Now begins the highlight of the afternoon. The food!  You will be seated on wooden picnic benches under tropical trees overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean.  Whilst enjoying good company and getting to know your fellow travelers you will be sipping Kilimanjaro beers, wine soft drinks, and water.

The beach bbq is a feast. You will enjoy the famous Zanzibar slipper lobster, grilled right there on the bbq fire. The team prepares flat-breads, some seafood dishes and vegetarian dishes as well as bbq chicken. All of this accompanied by traditional Zanzibar porridge with delicious local homemade Sauces.


Desert is a unique Zanzibar experience – be sure to bring your camera. You will be treated to traditional Zanzibar fruits like Dragon fruit, custard apples, melons and more.

The rest of your afternoon can be spent exploring the little Island of Kwale, the small caves are always a very popular site. You can simply also spend the rest of the afternoon tanning and swimming.

Returning Home.

Once it’s time to go back home you will be collected by boat again. If the wind and weather permit the sails will be opened and you will be sailing back to Zanzibar in a traditional dhow with the wind gliding through the majestic white sails.

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